Video: 10 Things We Should Talk about When We Talk about Health

At the annual meeting of the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials on Sept. 26, Sandro Galea, dean of the Boston University School of Public Health, shared “10 things we should talk about when we talk about health.” We agree with his list 💯 and incorporate these beliefs and values into our efforts to shift the national conversation from healthcare to health. View his entire talk on the BU School of Public Health Facebook page below.

  1. Health not healthcare.
  2. Health emerges over a life lived.
  3. Power, politics, & money are health.
  4. There is no health for many if we exclude the few.
  5. We need the wisdom, and humility, to understand health.
  6. Health is a public good.
  7. Compassion has to be at the heart of health.
  8. Health should be a means, not an end.
  9. We need to value health, and demand health.
  10. We should be free to choose health.

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Written by Mark Miller

Mark Miller is the Vice President of Communications at the de Beaumont Foundation. Follow him on Twitter at @mmiller20910.