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PH WINS Reveals Gaps, Needs, and Opportunities: Now What?

By Brian C. Castrucci, DrPH When the de Beaumont Foundation first launched the Public Health Workforce Interests and Needs Survey (PH WINS) in 2014, we didn’t know what to expect, but with the release of our 2017 survey, two themes have become clear: 1) the workforce is composed of dedicated, skilled professionals who want to… Read more »

The Public Health Learning Navigator: Meeting the Training Needs of the Workforce

By Kris Risley, de Beaumont Foundation, and Jennifer McKeever, National Network of Public Health Institutes Public health professionals understand the vital role the government workforce plays in improving the health of communities nationwide. But the new Public Health Workforce Interests and Needs Survey (PH WINS) shows that the field faces a high rate of turnover,… Read more »

Millennials Are Ready to Change Public Health. Is Public Health Ready?

Did you know that millennials make up 35 percent of the workforce in the United States, but only about 24 percent of state and local health departments? This is despite a 300 percent growth in public health degrees over the past two decades. So where are the millennials, and what do these numbers mean for… Read more »

Why a Shortage of “Disease Detectives” Threatens Cities

by Mark R. Miller My father is an entomologist (a scientist who studies insects), but I was always more of an etymologist (someone who studies words). And now I work for an epidemiologist. It’s a mouthful, and maybe that’s why people often refer to epidemiologists as “epis” or “disease detectives.” Whatever you call them, they… Read more »

New Voices: Millennials and the Future of Public Health

The de Beaumont Foundation is looking forward to a lively panel discussion on Millennials in the public health workforce at the APHA Annual Meeting and Expo in November. To give you a preview, the foundation’s vice president of communications, Mark Miller, sat down with Brian Castrucci, CEO, and special assistant Lizzie Corcoran, who recently served as… Read more »