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“An Ounce of Prevention” Rising as a Philanthropic Priority

by Mark R. Miller What do Smokey Bear and Benjamin Franklin have in common? Fire safety. This year Smokey Bear celebrates his 75th anniversary as the star of the nation’s longest-running public service advertising campaign, considered one of the most successful ever. More than 200 years earlier, Franklin wrote a letter to the local newspaper urging Philadelphia… Read more »

Winners Take All: A Wake-Up Call for Philanthropists

by Mark R. Miller The new book Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World is creating a buzz in the philanthropy world, and not because philanthropists and corporate leaders like what it has to say. Mario Marino, founder of Venture Philanthropy Partners, described the book as a “gut punch” that “will generate many… Read more »

A Journey From Philanthropy to Public Health and Back Again

by Joe Marx, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Brian Castrucci traces his path to CEO of the de Beaumont Foundation back to a “life-changing” internship at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Many of us have had those moments in life where the decisions we make alter the path our lives take. Brian Castrucci, the newly appointed… Read more »

Playing to Our Mutual Strengths: Philanthropy and Governmental Public Health

by Edward L. Hunter Recently I transitioned from a career at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to the de Beaumont Foundation—in both cases, working with state and local public health agencies and the organizations that support them. I still have much to learn, but the transition has already given me new perspectives on… Read more »