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Apply now for the BUILD Health Challenge

The BUILD Health Challenge is now accepting applications to support up to 17 innovative collaboratives that include a community-based organization, hospital or health system, and public health department working together in dynamic ways to address upstream challenges and drive sustainable improvements in community health. Inclusion of additional cross-sector partners such as health plans, businesses, foundations,… Read more »

Strange Bedfellows, Effective Partners in Public Health

by Karen Remley, MD, MBA, MPH, FAAP I’ve been fortunate to work with dedicated health professionals in many different capacities. In my roles as a pediatric emergency physician, a state health commissioner, a hospital executive and the medical director of a large for-profit health plan, I’ve seen many examples of collaboration, but also, unfortunately, many… Read more »

Better Health Through Business Skills

by Brian C. Castrucci There have always been politicians who believed that government could be more efficient and impactful if operated more like a business. While often debated throughout the history of civilized government, the same conclusion is always reached – government really can’t run like a business. One has a profit mindset; the other… Read more »

New Voices: Millennial Health Professionals and the Future of Cross-Sector Partnerships

This article has been cross-posted on the Practical Playbook blog.  Health and healthcare have been discussed and debated at the national level throughout 2017. None of the problems are new: healthcare costs are unmanageably high, the system of care is fragmented, and natural disasters and emergent crises rule the headlines. However, there is a promising… Read more »

Learning from Natural Disasters: Public Health Reaching Across Sectors (PHRASES)

By Karen DeSalvo and Soledad O’Brien First comes wind, then water, then the snap, crackle, pop of the trees and the rooftops. A storm is blowing through. Finally, after days of breathless weather reports, the damage begins as waters rise and power systems fail. From Louisiana and Texas to Miami and Puerto Rico, our country… Read more »