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One Millennial Making Change in Governmental Public Health

by Cora Burgoyne, Unified Government Public Health Department, Kansas City, Kansas Note from Lizzie Corcoran: I met Cora at APHA annual 2018, when her professor and mentor from her MPH program, Tanya Honderick, brought her to meet some de Beaumont staff and talk about the public health governmental workforce pipeline. I was so pleased and… Read more »

Millennials Are Ready to Change Public Health. Is Public Health Ready?

Did you know that millennials make up 35 percent of the workforce in the United States, but only about 24 percent of state and local health departments? This is despite a 300 percent growth in public health degrees over the past two decades. So where are the millennials, and what do these numbers mean for… Read more »

de Beaumont Foundation Announces “40 Under 40 in Public Health” List

The de Beaumont Foundation is excited to announce the first-ever list of “40 Under 40 in Public Health.” The list will recognize public health leaders and showcase new ideas, creative problem-solving, and innovative solutions that make communities healthier and strengthen the public health field. “Many programs and lists recognize leaders in healthcare, and most ‘health’… Read more »

New Voices: Millennials and the Future of Public Health

The de Beaumont Foundation is looking forward to a lively panel discussion on Millennials in the public health workforce at the APHA Annual Meeting and Expo in November. To give you a preview, the foundation’s vice president of communications, Mark Miller, sat down with Brian Castrucci, CEO, and special assistant Lizzie Corcoran, who recently served as… Read more »

New Voices: Millennial Health Professionals and the Future of Cross-Sector Partnerships

This article has been cross-posted on the Practical Playbook blog.  Health and healthcare have been discussed and debated at the national level throughout 2017. None of the problems are new: healthcare costs are unmanageably high, the system of care is fragmented, and natural disasters and emergent crises rule the headlines. However, there is a promising… Read more »