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Millennials Are Ready to Change Public Health. Is Public Health Ready?

Did you know that millennials make up 35 percent of the workforce in the United States, but only about 24 percent of state and local health departments? This is despite a 300 percent growth in public health degrees over the past two decades. So where are the millennials, and what do these numbers mean for… Read more »

Public Health Funding and OMB Director Mulvaney’s “Taxpayer First” Test

What does putting the “taxpayer first” really mean? de Beaumont Foundation President & CEO Ed Hunter explains why the OMB Director’s budget cuts for prevention and public health protection are a dangerous choice for taxpayers. Read Public Health Funding And OMB Director Mulvaney’s “Taxpayer First” Test on the HealthAffairs blog now.

Protecting Public Health Evidence in an Adversarial Environment

de Beaumont Foundation President & CEO, Ed Hunter, discusses the red flags we should watch for, the safeguards in place, and what public health leaders can do now to protect public health through tumultuous transitions. Read Protecting Public Health Evidence in an Adversarial Environment on Medium here.