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Apply now for the BUILD Health Challenge

The BUILD Health Challenge is now accepting applications to support up to 17 innovative collaboratives that include a community-based organization, hospital or health system, and public health department working together in dynamic ways to address upstream challenges and drive sustainable improvements in community health. Inclusion of additional cross-sector partners such as health plans, businesses, foundations,… Read more »

19 Communities Embark on Two-Year Endeavor to Transform Health in their Communities as Part of the “BUILD Health Challenge”

Funders from across the country have joined together to announce their support of 19 community collaborations over the next two years as part of the BUILD Health Challenge. Funder resources totaling $8 million will support multi-sector local partnerships in each community aimed at addressing a variety of upstream factors such as transportation planning, quality of… Read more »

Bridging the Data Gap: Connecting Communities with the Tools They Need

by Catherine Patterson, Alison Rein, and Peter Eckart Data are among the most powerful yet under-developed and under-appreciated resources in the toolbox for those committed to community health improvement. The process of collecting, analyzing, sharing, and then generating insights and acting upon data is one of the most challenging issues that communities working toward population… Read more »

What I Know From G.I. Joe: Knowing Is Only Half the Battle

by Brian C. Castrucci In the four years since the Institute of Medicine (IOM) released Primary Care and Public Health: Exploring Integration to Improve Population Health, there has been an increasingly urgent conversation about the need for improved collaboration between health care and public health. At the de Beaumont Foundation, I have worked to advance… Read more »

Partnering to BUILD a New U.S. Health System

by Brian C. Castrucci Last night, a mother hurriedly gathered clothes, insurance cards, toys, and medications. She was heading to the ER again because of her daughter’s asthma. She was worried about missing work the next day. She was concerned about the number of school days that her daughter had missed. She was not sure… Read more »