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My Year as a Philanthropy Fellow: 5 Favorite Moments

At the de Beaumont Foundation’s 2018 holiday party, Katie Sellers (right) was the proud winner of the “I Love Rachel” shirt, created by Lizzie Corcoran (left). By Rachel Locke My time as the ASPPH Philanthropy Fellow at the de Beaumont Foundation has ended, and as I begin my new role as a program associate, I… Read more »

A Year at the de Beaumont Foundation: Q&A with Public Health Fellow Lizzie Corcoran

This month marks the end of Lizzie Corcoran’s one-year fellowship with the de Beaumont Foundation, and she has played an important role in our work, including leadership in shaping new initiatives. The Association of Schools & Programs of Public Health, which sponsored her fellowship, interviewed her about her experience. This Q&A was first published on… Read more »

Discovering the Spectrum of Values in the Public Health Workforce

After spending this fellowship year learning about the public health workforce, I think about what type of career I will build as one of its newest members. Luckily, I have met inspiring and thoughtful public health practitioners who were willing to help me wrestle with big questions about where I may fit in the public… Read more »

The New Public Health Generation: When I Grow Up, I Want To Be a Public Health Hero

I earned a master’s in public health (MPH) with a concentration in Behavioral Science and Health Education. Right out of school, I accepted the ASPPH Philanthropy Fellowship at the de Beaumont Foundation. One of the best parts of the fellowship has been meeting some of nation’s true “public health heroes.” On my second day, I… Read more »

New Voices: Millennial Health Professionals and the Future of Cross-Sector Partnerships

This article has been cross-posted on the Practical Playbook blog.  Health and healthcare have been discussed and debated at the national level throughout 2017. None of the problems are new: healthcare costs are unmanageably high, the system of care is fragmented, and natural disasters and emergent crises rule the headlines. However, there is a promising… Read more »