Senior Deputies Leadership Program

Grant Amount: $184,000
Recipient: Association of State and Territorial Health Officials

Senior Deputies are the lead staff in state public health agencies charged with implementing the policies and procedures identified by state health officials and elected officials. The Senior Deputy generally does not change with the governorship, but provides the mainstay of public health activities in the state. They are instrumental in guiding the public health protection, prevention, and assurance activities in their states.

In recent years, there has been an increased level of turnover among Senior Deputies across the country—with 26 new Senior Deputies hired in 2010 and 2011. These new leaders have been faced with severe reductions in state and federal funding that have led to numerous budget, program, and staff changes. To help new deputies navigate these challenges, ASTHO provides a year-long leadership program that prepares them to lead and manage state-wide public health programs, identify and adopt state-of-the-art and peer “best practices,” and interact with peers and stakeholders on national issues affecting state public health agencies. Through funding from the de Beaumont Foundation, the program includes support for the Annual Meeting of Senior Deputies; a face-to-face orientation session and site visits to other states for new Deputies; quarterly webinars and periodic conference calls addressing issues of national importance; and a pilot demonstration project for business re-engineering of select state health programs.