Public Health Training Standards

Developing a Learning Culture: A Public Health Education and Training Standards Framework

Grant Amount: $89,386
Recipient: Heartland Center – St. Louis University

There are increasing demands for state, local, territorial, and tribal health departments along with other health and social systems to improve the quality and effectiveness of essential health . The foundation of a competent and qualified health workforce is effective and accessible training and education.

This project, led by the Heartland Centers for Public Health and Community Capacity Development (HC), focuses on defining a review and adaptation of standards for quality public health education and training programs within the context of developing a public health learning culture and learning organizations. Program standards for quality education and training will provide a means to measure quality of the content, process or methods used, and their impact. The project will identify quality standards for adult learning efforts with an emphasis on distance learning.

HC, the de Beaumont Foundation, and a national panel of experts and stakeholders will develop a Framework to support development of a learning culture and improve competence and capacity of public health agencies. This will involve identification of strategies, tools, and methods for learning organizations in addition to criteria, standards, and indicators for quality design and implementation of public health workforce education and training programs.