Public Health Business Fundamental Certificate Program

Grant Amount: $1,316,256
Recipient: University of Miami

The public health workforce is required to be many things: researcher, communicator, community worker, manager. In addition to understanding the health needs and priorities of a community, governmental public health workers often has to understand budgets, staffing, reporting, and other management skills. In response to this growing need, the de Beaumont Foundation has partnered with the University of Miami School of Business Administration and Miller School of Medicine to develop a program for a public health business fundamentals certificate.

During a convening hosted by the de Beaumont Foundation and the University of Miami in April 2015, national and regional leaders from the public health workforce assessed and prioritized the current business skill needs and discussed the most effective and efficient means of content delivery. As a result, the certificate program will deliver twenty hours of competency-based distance training in business fundamental skills specifically geared towards the public health workforce, including human resources, budgeting and financial reporting, and communications. The program is currently under development; the first cohort is expected to begin the certificate program in January 2018.