Policy Tools for Big Cities

Grant Amount: $99,948
Recipient: UCLA Fielding School of Public Health

Many of the health disparities that affect Americans are rooted in social, economic, and environmental factors. Effective interventions approach these issues upstream, finding ways to improve not only the health of the population, but also quality of life. In addition, a successful intervention can often have a net neutral cost or even save money in healthcare costs. A significant amount of research has developed these interventions and demonstrated their impact, and the recent research has brought an academic rigor to these findings. However, due to a lack of means, interest, and skill, understanding of which interventions would be most efficient in a given community is often lost on policy makers and the public, and policy choices are made to implement interventions that cost more and have less impact in the community.

The UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, with funding from the de Beaumont Foundation, is researching and developing a portfolio of analytic tools to assess the impact and cost of specific health interventions in big cities. This portfolio, called the “Win-Win Portfolio,” will provide useful information to the public and to policy makers regarding the most efficient interventions to tackle social determinants of health in the community.

The pilot model and intervention analysis will be developed for Los Angeles and one other big city and will be guided by an advisory group built in partnership with the Big Cities Health Coalition.