Medicaid and Population Health

Maximizing Public Health Partnerships with Medicaid to Improve Population Health

Grant Amount: $649,639
Recipient: Association of State and Territorial Health Officials

Improved population health and the related decrease in Medicaid spending are more important objectives than ever. A small number of state health agencies have successfully partnered with Medicaid to achieve these goals, but the information and opportunities required to collaborate have not been easily attainable on a national scale.

With funding and support from the de Beaumont Foundation, the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO) has created an initiative to increase collaboration between Medicaid and state health agencies to improve population health while lowering Medicaid costs.

Funding from the de Beaumont Foundation supported the development of an Experts’ Medicaid-Public Health Group. The Experts’ Group is identifying successful examples of collaboration, developing and recommending best practices, and serving as leaders of learning modules for those who want to implement or improve their own partnerships. These recommendations were determined through a number of in-depth case studies of successful collaborations, such as partnerships between Medicaid and the public health sector to improve perinatal care while reducing overall spending in the area. From these case studies and related data sources, the Experts’ Group developed educational tools and a comprehensive database of best practices and procedures to guide both sides as they encounter the opportunities and obstacles of working together to improve population health and reduce Medicaid costs. You can view all of the resources here.