Informatics Requirements

Grant Amount: $900,000
Recipient: The Task Force for Global Health, Public Health Informatics Institute

Public health is an information intense industry—disease prevention requires information to measure the magnitude of a problem, assess risk, inform intervention options, or promote changed behaviors. As a result, much of the impact of public health work stems from how well it translates data and science into information. Unfortunately, state and local public health agencies have struggled to develop public health information systems that support these key activities. The Public Health Informatics Institute (PHII), a program of the Task Force for Global Health, is working to address this problem through its Requirements Lab project.

PHII’s Requirements Lab will help establish the infrastructure needed to develop a comprehensive public health information system by defining common business processes and information system requirements. With funding from the de Beaumont Foundation, the project will help public health agencies understand how they accomplish their work—that is, how they define and execute business processes—in order to build an information system that serves the demand of those activities. Once the key components of public health work are defined, the Requirements Lab will translate the definition of that work into information system specifications, and promote the use of those specifications throughout public health to yield a rational, cost-effective, and locally sustainable information infrastructure.