Informatics for Everyone

Grant Amount: $289,089
Recipient: Task Force for Global Health, Public Health Informatics Institute

Governmental public health in the United States faces a broad range of population health improvement and protection challenges, at a time of dwindling budgets, shrinking workforce, and aging information technologies. Addressing these challenges will require improved capacity, most significantly in informatics — the effective management, sharing, and use of information and information technology.

Public health practitioners at all levels need to acknowledge and understand their information role, not just their disease or condition-specific role, within their agencies. The first critical step in gaining an informatics-savvy public health workforce is helping practitioners understand the relevance of informatics to the practical information problems they face every day.

With funding from the Foundation, the Public Health Informatics Institute has created a series of distance-learning activities that will ultimately transform practitioners’ perception of their roles within the industry from a disease or condition view to an information view. This series of activities is aimed at demystifying the term “informatics” and helping practitioners see that informatics is an important part of their knowledge and skill toolkit. Watch the Informatics for Everyone videos here.

This project is the first of a series of steps that will lead to an informatics-knowledgeable workforce, where public health practitioners embrace the term informatics and understand their information role within their agency. The ultimate goal of this project is to transform the public health practice world from its silos of disease or condition-specific entities to an information enterprise where public health practitioners have the informatics competencies and knowledge needed to gather, manage, analyze, and use information to improve health outcomes.