Informatics Academy

Grant Amount: $1,220,065
Recipient: The Task Force for Global Health, Public Health Informatics Institute

Public health is an information-intensive industry undergoing a major transformation. Health care reform is accelerating the use of electronic data and automation, and public health agencies are being called upon to implement information systems that integrate and exchange data with their community partners (clinicians, hospitals, laboratories). At the same time, budget cuts are forcing agencies to streamline workflows and do more with less. As a result, public health practitioners must develop informatics skills to help them work more effectively in this information and technology-intensive environment.

Through funding from the de Beaumont Foundation, the Public Health Informatics Institute, in collaboration with the North Carolina Institute for Public Health (NCIPH), created the Public Health Informatics Academy. The Academy provides public health managers with hands-on skills in key informatics competencies, such as developing and documenting information system requirements, managing projects, and analyzing stakeholder communication needs, among others. The goal is to help public health workers better understand the work they do so they can participate in designing information systems that support their work.

The ultimate vision of the project is to have a national network of informatics academies that continuously support the learning needs of public health practitioners and their work in an e-health system and an information-driven society. Creating and sustaining a professional learning environment of such scholars builds the public health system’s capability to ensure robust e-public health interventions.