Foundational Capabilities for Public Health

Grant Amount: $90,629
Recipient: RESOLVE

National efforts are underway to classify a minimum set of public health services that all jurisdictions throughout the United States should provide regardless of location. Such a set of basic programs would be supported by crosscutting services, known as the foundational capabilities. These include assessment services, preparedness and disaster response, policy development, communications, community partnership, and organizational support activities. As national leaders set out to develop a framework for the foundational capabilities, it became clear there was the lack of information on the knowledge and beliefs of the governmental public health community about these activities. Specifically, there was a notable absence of opinions from those who are carrying out foundational activities and services on a daily basis in governmental public health organizations.

With funding from the de Beaumont Foundation, RESOLVE worked to make those voices part of the conversation, reaching out to governmental public health staff across the country who were making choices regarding foundational capabilities every day through a series of in-depth interviews. The goal of this effort was to gather information from those currently working in the field regarding (1) whether and how they think about and/or conceptualize foundational capabilities, and (2) what those foundational capabilities might encompass. These interviews provided “ground truth” for the work of national leaders–providing additional guidance to ongoing discussions and adding another perspective to the mix.

In addition to the interviews, funds from this grant went towards drafting an article for publication in the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice to raise further awareness of the discussion around foundation capabilities with those in the field. Click here to read the complete article.

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