The de Beaumont Foundation partners with the University of Miami to offer a certificate program that helps public health professionals develop business skills that are vital to their success.

Business skills, such as budgeting and financial reporting, are absent from many health departments’ curriculum. To address this issue, the de Beaumont Foundation and the University of Miami have partnered to develop the Building Expertise in Administration & Management (BEAM) certificate program for public health professionals interested in advancing their careers by learning fundamental public health business skills. The course focuses on:

  • Budget: Students learn how to manage and track even the most complex budgets for their organization.
  • Finance: Students gain the knowledge to measure the financial health of your department.
  • Management: Students become more effective leaders through world-class leadership training.

Specifically, BEAM certificate program offers:

  • A 20-hour, online, asynchronous course, giving students the flexibility to complete the lessons at their own pace and on their own schedule.
  • A reasonable fee of $1,500, this certificate program. Scholarships are available for governmental public health employees and currently enrolled students of public health.


Georges Benjamin, MD, Executive Director, APHA

“Most people in public health are extremely well trained in the sciences, but almost none of us have any training in business skills. Having this training gives one the confidence that they can handle the business of public health as well as the science of public health.”

Georges Benjamin, MD, Executive Director, APHA