PH WINS (the Public Health Workforce Interests and Needs Survey) is the only nationally representative source of data about the governmental public health workforce. PH WINS captures individual governmental public health workers’ perspectives on key issues such as workforce engagement and morale, training needs and emerging concepts in public health, and collects data on the demographics of the workforce. Fielded in partnership with the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO) in 2014 and 2017 and fielding again in 2020, PH WINS aims to:

  • Help agencies understanding workforce strengths, gaps, and opportunities to improve skills, training, and employee engagement
  • Inform and guide future workforce research and development, such as recruitment and retention efforts
  • Support the workforce in modernizing their traditional public health roles to meet the evolving needs of the public
  • Identify demographic trends and their implications for the workforce

The 2017 survey results were released in January 2019. Results from the first survey, PH WINS 2014, were released in October 2015.

PH WINS grew out of a 2013 convening, hosted by the de Beaumont Foundation and ASTHO, that brought together more than 30 national public health membership associations, federal agencies, and other partners, now known as the National Consortium for Public Health Workforce Development.

If you have questions about participating in PH WINS, see our frequently asked questions.

Key Findings of PH WINS 2017:

Despite high levels of job satisfaction, a large proportion of workers are considering leaving their organization in the next year. Top reasons include dissatisfaction with pay, lack of opportunity for advancement, and workplace environment.

The majority of workers are satisfied with their jobs, but are less satisfied with their organizations and even less so with their pay.

Workers indicate a high level of engagement, but do not believe that creativity and innovation are rewarded or that communication between senior leadership and staff is good.

The top areas of training needs are budgeting and financial management, systems and strategic thinking, change management, and developing a vision for a healthy community.

Demographically, the workforce is not representative of the nation in terms of gender or age.

PH WINS 2017 National Findings:

View the PH WINS report online or download the PDF.

 PH WINS Infographic Summary Overview:

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News and Commentary:

News release: “New Workforce Survey: Public Health Turnover Could Pose Threat to Community Health

PH WINS Reveals Gaps, Needs, and Opportunities: Now What?,” by Brian Castrucci, CEO, de Beaumont Foundation

The Public Health Learning Navigator: Meeting the Training Needs of the Workforce,” by Kris Risley, de Beaumont Foundation, and Jennifer McKeever, National Network of Public Health Institutes

Journal Articles

PH WINS Supplement, Journal of Public Health Management & Practice, March/April 2019 – 24 special articles and editorials on the implications of the findings from the 2017 PH WINS survey. Following are samples of those articles:

Moving From Data to Action: Necessary Next Steps to a Better Governmental Public Health Workforce,” Journal of Public Health Management & Practice, March/April 2019

“Changes in the State Governmental Public Health Workforce: Demographics and Perceptions, 2014-2017,” Journal of Public Health Management & Practice, March/April 2019

“Making a Living in Governmental Public Health: Variation in Earnings by Employee Characteristics and Work Setting,” Journal of Public Health Management & Practice, March/April 2019

“Unleashing the Creativity and Innovation of Our Greatest Resource—The Governmental Public Health Workforce,” Journal of Public Health Management & Practice, March/April 2019

Other Resources

2017 Survey Instrument (download Word document)

2017 Codebook (open PDF)



PH WINS 2014:

2014 PH WINS Report