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Catherine is the Managing Director of Urban Health and Policy at the de Beaumont Foundation.

Public Health a Winner in 2018 Elections

By Catherine D. Patterson, MPP In states and cities across the nation last week, Americans voted “yes” for public health – passing ballot initiatives that have the potential to improve community health through housing, education, financial security, and other areas. As I was leaving my local polling place, a reporter from the Wall Street Journal… Read more »

Public Health on the Ballot: A Review of Local Initiatives

By Catherine D. Patterson, MPP I love to vote. I remember going to vote with my mom as a kid. We’d wait in line, get her ballot, and then cram into one of those make-shift booths behind a flimsy curtain. I’d watch her fill in each oval, curious about the hushed tone that lay over… Read more »

Grantee Spotlight: The Health Impact Project

  Health impact assessments (HIAs) gauge the impact that a policy, program, or law could have on a population’s health. HIAs have been applied to a range of decisions including those addressing transportation, housing, social and economic policy, natural resources and energy, and education. They aim to provide policymakers with information and recommendations informed by… Read more »

BUILDing Connections: The Practical Playbook National Meeting

de Beaumont Foundation Senior Program Officer, Catherine Patterson, explains how collaboration can help improve health in our communities and what we will learn about collaboration at the Practical Playbook National Meeting. To read the complete article on the BUILD Health Challenge blog, click here.