Practical Playbook: Public Health. Primary Care. Together.

playbook-logoIn an ideal world, public health and primary care across the United States would routinely engage in robust, sustained, and effective collaboration. Working together, they have the potential to achieve extraordinary gains in the health and well-being of people and their communities.

The Practical Playbook advances collaboration between public health and primary care to improve population health by providing practical implementation tools, guidance, and resources.

The de Beaumont Foundation launched the project in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and Duke University Community & Family Medicine in response to a 2012 Institute of Medicine report. The Practical Playbook initiates learning, provides technical assistance, builds partnerships, and shares success stories from the field.


Visit to access how-to tools and references, as well as examples of how others have worked together successfully.


A print version of the Practical Playbook, which provides additional detail and commentary from experts in the field, serves as an excellent resource for practitioners and educators alike.

Purchase The Practical Playbook: Public Health & Primary Care Together now. A new version of the book will be published in early 2019.


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