How We Work

The de Beaumont Foundation is not a traditional grantmaking organization.

We strive to create meaningful, long-term partnerships built around not only financial support, but also a sharing of knowledge and expertise through active participation and technical assistance. The Foundation embraces a hybrid approach to philanthropy—part grantmaker and part think tank. We support the work of our nonprofit partners through traditional grants but we also directly develop and implement programs and research projects to help achieve our mission to transform the practice of public health in America.

In all of our work, the Foundation aims to support innovation and transformation. We recognize that we are in a unique position to explore new and exciting opportunities to address challenges facing the field of public health—to take chances and have impact. While we have engaged in a number of large, national initiatives, we generally prefer the role of incubator, supporting strategic, targeted programs that can be replicated or taken to scale.

We are committed at all levels to promoting strategic learning and knowledge sharing, both internally and externally. We use a wide range of information, analysis, and evaluation to help us understand how to invest our time and resources to best support our program strategies and overall mission. We are intentional about devoting resources to learning activities for the public health workforce and developing a strong research program that leverages existing data that can be utilized in new, innovative ways. We make it a priority to share what we learn with our grantees, our partners, the broader field, and the public through publications, convenings, communications, and presentations.

We focus on long-term partnerships and a set of programs and priorities that support and transform public health organizations. We explore new ideas and work closely with potential grantees, or internal staff and subject matter experts, to develop programs that have impact.