Areas of Focus

The public health system has critical responsibility for protecting citizens from invisible threats to air, water, and food; averting new threats from emerging diseases and bioterrorism; and preventing disease by promoting immunization and a healthy lifestyle. However, in the face of significant funding cuts and a shrinking public health workforce, today’s public health departments must work smarter and more efficiently to provide these essential services. To that end, the de Beaumont Foundation’s mission is to transform public health in the United States by improving the effectiveness and capacity of local and state health departments.

Specifically, the Foundation is committed to the following core program areas:

Transform Public
Health Practice

The de Beaumont Foundation focuses on programs and initiatives that strengthen public health practice through innovation, tools, and training. We seek to foster innovation in and for governmental public health agencies and to accelerate the adoption of promising approaches through strong peer networks of public health practitioners.

Build Cross-Sector

The de Beaumont Foundation focuses on programs and initiatives that connect public health agencies to key partners. We seek to strengthen the leadership role of public health officials within government and across sectors in their state/community, including the health care delivery system, through partnerships and collaboration.

Strengthen the Voice
of Public Health

At the de Beaumont Foundation, we think public health needs a new voice – and a new language to speak about the value of what we do. As we develop this strategic priority, we aim to create new tools and approaches for communicating about public health. Better communications will help public health officials bridge the gap between our field and others, help open doors to new partnerships, and help build support for public health approaches.


In all of its grantmaking, the de Beaumont Foundation strives to support model programs that can be easily replicated and/or taken to scale.